What Can I Expect From Voice Therapy?

Voice Therapy may involve:

  • Discussion of relevant occupational, social, emotional and medical factors contributing to your voice difficulty.
  • Counselling regarding vocal misuse and the importance of caring for your voice.
  • Direct work on your voice through vocal exercises.
  • Discussion regarding stress management, relaxation skills and/or relevant emotional issues.

We will aim to increase your awareness of how you can make changes to your voice and lifestyle so that your voice can be more efficient, effective and functional.

Your Voice Therapy Programme will aim to eliminate or at least minimize your voice symptoms, improve the quality of your voice, reduce that annoying cough, eliminate that tight constricted feeling in your throat and teach you to project without strain or effort. This will improve the function and the physical condition of your larynx if it has been damaged or strained and improve the sound of your voice.

If you have not already consulted an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist it may be recommended that you do so. This is important so that we can be sure that there are no serious medical conditions affecting your larynx.

Most subsequent sessions are weekly or fortnightly and last approximately 60 minutes.

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