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Voice Therapist PerthThea Peterson

(Principal) B.Sp Thy (University of Queensland)

Thea has more than 30 years experience as a Speech Pathologist and has a special interest in the treatment of adults with voice problems and chronic cough. Thea has been in a Private Practice since 1984. She has also worked in several teaching hospitals in Perth and London. Her patients include TV and radio personalities, teachers, lawyers, doctors, business people, singers, fitness instructors, clergy and call centre operators.

She believes that it is imperative to look at the whole person when treating problems of the voice i.e. lifestyle, occupational requirements, general health, emotional and social factors.

Over many years in Private Practice Thea has worked closely with most of Perth’s leading Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons and Respiratory physicians frequently being present when patients are having the condition of their larynx reviewed.

Thea has run workshops and lectures for various organizations including Curtin University Speech Pathology students, Edith Cowan Speech Pathology students, West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Australian Speech Pathologists Association (WA Branch), WA Singing Teacher’s Association, St John’s Ambulance, Department of Public Prosecution lawyers, Teachers groups, Fitness Instructor’s National Conference, Theology students at Murdoch University, Physical Education Student Teachers Edith Cowan University and a Private Auctioneers Group.


Member Speech Pathology Australia

Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

Member Australian Voice Association

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